If you are not a fan of heat...

Then stay out of Louisiana...

We have the worst summers...

It's just the beginning of June and already it's 100 degrees!!!


We bout a pool yesterday to try to keep cool. The kids and I got home from the store and decided that we would set the pool up without the help of Dad. Now that didn't go so well...

After about 20 minutes of trying to put the pump together I said forget it and went in the house. The kids weren't too happy but they dealt with it!!

Drew got home from work and within 10 minutes he had it all set up and ready to go...unfortunately it was time to leave to go to baseball pictures for Ryley. We decided that since we just bought a new camera that we would take our own pictures instead of ordering some that are entirely over-priced.  It was miserably hot sitting out at the ball park for over 2 hours between the pictures and then his game.

BUT...I got up this morning and started filling the pool up with water. It took almost 3 hours to fill it up. The boys all went to my mom's house this afternoon which left me, Drew and the 2 little ones at home. About 5 this evening, me and Avery decided it was time to go swimming. Well apparently the plug wasn't in the pool right because it only had about 2 inches of water in it...


We didn't let it stop us though! We splashed in that 2 inches of water for almost an hour...but we did start filling it back up again...I'm really not looking forward to the water bill next month!

She didn't care if the pool was full or not. She just loves the water!!

Tomorrow is another game...sitting in the heat...at least it's a late game...maybe it won't be as hot.

A girl can dream right??


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