How to Make Mornings Easier

In my house weekday mornings are not the best time to be around any of us! Everyone still wants to sleep and no one wants to get ready for school! So it happens that sometimes we are running a little behind schedule. We live about 15 minutes from the school so we have to make sure that we have plenty time to get loaded in the truck and drive (safely) to school without being late!

So what works for us??

I’ve found that getting ready for the next day the night before makes everything so much better!

-I get out everyone’s clothes and put them in the laundry room.

-We make sure that shoes, back packs, and jackets are where they are supposed to be by the back door.

-I get out whatever dishes we will need for breakfast and have them sitting on the table.

-I look at the calendar to see what, if any activities, appointments, etc. are the next day and make sure that we have everything together for those.

-I make sure that the house is picked up so that we aren’t tripping over anything too!

It doesn’t seem like a lot but it sure does make our mornings easier! Being organized and prepared is definitely the way to go! This works for us!

What works for you to make mornings easier??

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Vanessa Washburn said...

I find cleaning the toys to be a big help. I start the day feeling slightly organized, and Each new toy my 17moth old gets out is like a new adventure.

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