Easy Omelet

Ok...I have never learned how to make an omelet...

It just looks to hard to me!

Maybe I'm just too lazy to learn...

BUT...I have figured out a way to make an easy omelet!

 Easy Omelet

2-3 eggs
milk, according to taste
meat of choice
shredded cheese
whatever other ingredients you would like
Ziploc bag

* Bring a pot of water to a boil.
*While you waiting on the water mix the eggs and milk in a small bowl.
*Next add everything into the Ziploc bag and shake it around (after it's zipped of course)
*Add the bag to boiling water and let it cook for 15-20 minutes!

*Shake omelet out of the bag onto a plate and enjoy!

It's so easy even I can do it without messing it up!

We made these for supper last night and also had hashbrowns.

We were going to have link sausage with it also...but...umm...I burnt them to a crisp! You couldn't even bite into them! It was great! Oh well...next time I will pay closer attention to them!

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Lisa said...

I was wondering if I could use this picture of an omelette for a webpage that I am making for my chemistry students. I am trying to use a real world example to help them understand a math problem.

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