I'm so very thrilled that you stopped by to visit today!

In the South, Sweet Tea is a must so here's a glass and I hope you enjoy our talks!

It's also possible for you to drink it out of a Mason jar...we're just a different kind of people down here!

You can call me The Queen, Your Majesty, Your Highness...or Ashley...Whatever works best for you.

But I am the queen of this trailer palace.

At least my husband, the KING of this palace let's me think so anyways....He is an amazing man that loves this family with everything he has and more. He works hard FOR us and plays even harder WITH us. We could not ask for a better to man!

Who's the "we" you ask?

Well that would be the heathens umm..I mean children that we have. There are 5 of them.


Yes...we have 5 of them.....

The king has given them nicknames but I suck and can't remember them. I'm not sure that the kids even like them. I think they just smile when he calls them by those names because they don't want to hurt his feelings. Yea they can be sweet sometimes too. Sometimes...

In case you haven't noticed I use alot of "............." that would be me taking a breather. Something I try to take alot of but rarely get the chance to...so...just stick with me!

Anyways, the kids, we have 4 boys that range in age from 7 to 3 months and 1 girl that is 2 soon to be 3. They are such a joy and blessing. When they aren't destroying something or fighting with each other or back talking or tracking mud in the house. I like them when they sleep...yes...that's my favorite time! HA! Just kidding! I love them all the time!

Well I hope you will stick around...but I don't blame you if you run for the hills when you meet everyone else.

Have a great night!

The Queen

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