Birthday Traditions

Since today is Hudson's 7th Birthday I thought I would share a few things we have started with the kids.

1. Birthday Binder -
          Each year we add the age they are turning.
              Followed by:
                   *Birthday Questionairre
                   *Tracing of their hand print
                   *Their birthday menu
                   *Pictures of their birthday
                                        (***Will add pictures later***)

2. Birthday Frame -
           I made this using a wooden frame from Hobby Lobby covered with scrapbook paper and some letters. I also added another peice of scrapbook paper inside the frame and the day of their birthday we write their name on the glass with an erasable marker.

3. Birthday Wreath -
           I was about half way done with this but I've decided that I want to do it a different way...look for the post soon. Inspiration came from here.

Those are what we have started so far. I have a few more ideas that I want to start but I haven't made them yet. Look for a post soon about these as I finish them!

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