Baby Boy is 1 month old today!!

A month ago today I was laying in the hospital bed looking at this precious little boy.

Although in this exact picture his daddy is holding him!
I can't hog him all the time!

Time has already gone by so fast.

I really can't believe it!!

Before I know it he is going to be walking and talking!

A child brings so much joy and happiness to a family.

Babies are a precious gift from God! HE truly is amazing to create something so perfect!

This was taken a few days ago! He's actually chunkier than this picture shows!

I will add a picture from today when I get them uploaded from the camera...I just don't feel like doing it right now! Sorry!

I love our kids!!! Just thought you should know in case anyone doubted it!

Little Boy and I are about to fix him a bottle and get ready for bed!

Hope everyone had a great day!


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Marcy said...

Cherish it!! He is too cute!

Marcy @ Life's Gristle

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