The Family Supervisor

You might ask yourself why I call myself the family supervisor but I’m sure you probably already know the answer! It’s the same job you have in your house!

I’m the preparer of food. I make sure my family has nutritious filling food for 3 meals a day. I make sure they have tasty snacks in-between those meals also. It is my job to make sure their tummies are always happy!

I’m the cleaner of the house. I make sure my family lives in clean, sanitized house. I make sure there is a list of what needs to be done and when so that everyone in the house can also help out. It is my job to make sure that no one has to break a leg in the middle of the night tripping over toys.

I’m the chauffeur. I make sure that my family has a dependable means of transportation to wherever it is they need or want to do. It is my job to provide them with a safe and pleasant ride at all times.

I’m the referee. I make sure that no one is playing too rough. I make sure that everyone is playing fair at all times. I make the final decision when it comes to arguments. It is my job to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

I’m the doctor. I make sure that my family’s well-being is always taken care of. I take temperatures, administer medicines, cover wounds, and heal unhappy hearts. It is my job to make sure my family is staying as healthy as possible.

I’m the financial officer. I (try) to make sure that our family is operating on a good budget that works for us. I make sure that our bills are paid and on time. I make sure that we have what we need. It is my job to keep an eye on our money at all times.

Those are just parts of my job as our family’s supervisor. In short, I do it all. I wake up in the morning ready to serve my family to the best of my ability. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, 2 wonderful sons and 3 wonderful stepchildren. It is my job to be the best wife, mother, and stepmother that is humanly possible. It’s not always easy…sometimes it’s downright exhausting but I would never change it for anything.

I have to make sure that I always have a plan and actually go by it.

What are your roles as the family supervisor in your home?


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Regina said...

I hear ya Ashley! Just recently we bought our first and last house--I'm pushing 31--and needless to say i have become the interior designer. Funny after 15 moves in 10 years you would think I have this "make a house a home" thing down, but apparently I am suck. All rooms are done except for my home office--I can't get it together to save my life, but I will plug away until I get it done. So to my resume as mom, home school teacher, freelance writer, cook, and doctor, I am now a decorator:-)

1HecticMommy said...

I am a new follower from the blog hop. I know exactly what you mean. My least favorite is referee. I love the cooking, cleaning, and childcare parts though.

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