Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

We haven't done too much!

Yes, I like using exclamation points!!

Friday evening we found out that one of Drew's friends had an accident. He fell 15 feet off the top of a house that he was working on and hit his head. Yesterday morning (Saturday) he had surgery to relieve pressure from his brain and also a piece of his skull that was pressing on his brain. The family and doctors are hopeful that he will be just fine. As of now he is still sedated but slowly coming to. He has said his name and that of his wife so it doesn't appear that memory has been lost. If you would though please say a prayer for this family that he will have a full recovery!

Saturday the baby and I went to Hudson's soccer game. It is so fun watching smaller kids play sports! Sometimes he acts as though he is afraid to have control of the ball. Hopefully we can get him out of that! After that we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things that we needed and then went back home. Drew worked in the yard filling in some holes with dirt. Then last night we had some friends over for dinner and visiting! I made jambalaya and also spinach and artichoke dip. (Will post the recipe tomorrow)!

The baby didn't sleep well last night so we ended up sleeping half of today! Once we did decided to get up we still didn't do much. I cleaned the kitchen and worked on laundry.
I'm still working on laundry actually....

 I wanted to paint the kid's bathroom this weekend but when it actually came down to it I just didn't feel like it. I'll eventually get around to it...hopefully before we decide to buy a new house!

Well the baby will be ready to eat again soon so it's time to give him a bath!

We go to the doctor in the morning for his 1 month check up!
I'm pretty sure he has gained 2 lbs since his last appointment 2 weeks ago!

He is getting chunky!

Anyways...that is our weekend summed up!

How was your weekend?


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