Spring is here...

And that means it's time to start Spring Cleaning around here!

Our house is pretty small considering there are 7 of us in here so it's very important for the house to be as clean as possible at all times. Something as small as one sock left on the living room floor makes the whole room look messy (at least to me)!

Today I am starting in our laundry room/pantry. It's really more like a walk in closet off of our kitchen. We have started a shelving overhaul so they don't all match and aren't painted yet either...I guess we will finish it sometime (hopefully...)! I really would like to paint the room and add some decor but not quite sure when that will happen!

So what am I doing in there?

Starting on the laundry side...

Declutter the shelf above the washer and dryer. Organize what's left up there.
Empty and sanitize the trash can
Clean the outside of the washer and dryer

And I suppose finish the laundry that is left in there....

Then on the pantry side...

Reorganize everything on shelves grouping like items together
Throw out anything that is past the expiration date

Sweep and mop the floor
Clean the switch plate

Ok I guess that really isn't alot to do...but I should probably get started on it!

Here are some BEFORE pictures...

Yikes! Don't judge me! HAHA!!

I will post updated pictures after I'm done!

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Regina said...

I'm not sure how I found you, I think through Organizing Junkie....anyways sooo glad I did because I have to do my laundry room and pantry too--can't wait to see what you do. I am redoing my blog right now but I will have pics soon too:-)

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